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 modified strategy

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PostSubject: modified strategy   Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:23 pm

The companies of these days tend to brand their products individually. They also give importance to the companies name and logo in all promotional efforts and product packaging. Some companies adopt brand extension strategy by introducing similar or dissimilar products. Organizations of these days decide several brand names of the same product, where each brand has its own uniqueness.

As each company have its own identity in the market in which it exist, the are loaded with immense responsibility to reach the product to the right customer at the right time through the right medium. It’s the medium or the media that generates and provides opportunities for the agencies and thereby to the models. The brand image of the companies is an open gateway for it, for many things like ad agencies themselves taking initiative to provide services to the companies at low or free of cost. Such a scenario happens only with those companies which have a clear cut image before the customers. Such agencies looking for models have greater responsibility towards the companies to provide them the best service with the best models.

Brands are much like people. They have certain physical characteristics, certain skills and abilities and certain associations and attitudes. Like an individual, a brand too is a blend of all these. The brand therefore appeals to senses, to reason and to emotions. It’s clear from all these that modeling agencies and models have a crucial role in creating such moral or emotional appeals.
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modified strategy
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